Campervan tips for the road less travelled

Updated March 26, 2021

We’ve all been there. That moment in the middle of the night where you are patting down every surface only to hear that frustrating thud of the torch you’re so desperately feeling for, falling off. Invariably as you then stumble your way to where you think you last left your shoes you knock something else over. Before you know it, the whole campervan is awake. We’ve all had that first experimental night. 

Here at Wildtracks Campervans, in the nature of doing what we do best and getting you away on the road less travelled, we have compiled our top ten tips for success on the road. 

Organisation, organisation, organisation

Mornings on the road are for getting up and out. Nothing dampens the mood quite like hunting around for that elusive pair of hiking socks. A set of clothes storage cubes is a game changer. Comprising of a variety of sizes, ditch the suitcase and pack straight into these. Separate everything from the start. Made from soft but durable canvas, you can squeeze them into and utilize any space. 

The organised theme should continue for everything else. A “bathroom” box for toiletries and first aid items, a “safe” box for jewellery, spare keys and wallets and a “fire” box where the matches never leave and old newspapers can be kept for kindling. 

Only the essentials

Your Wildtracks campervan already comes with the kitchen sink so leave yours at home. You’ll be surprised at just how little you really need if the forecast is forgiving. There is also no bonfire smoke that a bottle of Fabreeze and some fresh air can’t tackle. 


By routine we don’t mean that 0730 work alarm still has to be set. Instead, set up for the night before it gets dark. Everything is quicker and simpler in daylight.

Come the morning, having a routine of who puts the kettle on whilst the other lets the children or dogs out, sets the scene for a seamless morning. Stowing everything away neatly before getting on the road means that each and every day on the road is effortless. 

Keep dirt at bay 

Trust us when we say that carefree feeling of sandy toes in bed rapidly wears off. Whether you’re away for the weekend or a few weeks, keeping the dirt at bay will improve everyone’s mood. Especially on those days where the British weather is not being kind. 

We find that by keeping wellingtons and outdoor shoes in a box by the door not only saves mud between the sheets but in the middle of the night, you’ll know exactly where to reach for. Secondly, keep a rolled up doormat in that box to soak up footprints as you change footwear. 

Let there be light 

Ensure that everyone in your camping party returns the torch to the same place so as to not wake everyone up when searching for it in the middle of the night. A head torch is best, giving full light and freeing up both hands. 

Be well stocked 

Having a permanently stocked pantry with non-perishable goods makes for a much smoother getaway on those spontaneous trips. You’ll be surprised at just how grateful you’ll be for that snack bar hidden away after a big hike or that tin of tonic water, albeit warm, for when sundowners call. Also, to avoid that irritating rattle of glass as you drive, put canned drinks between wine or beer bottles. As with your head torch, always return the corkscrew and bottle opener to the same spot. 

Being well stocked also applies to having an up to date first aid box. You may not use it for several trips but when you do, you’ll certainly appreciate it. 

Remember to refill water 

The jerry can may still be half full but wherever you’re able to, completely refill it. 

Conserve batteries

Yes we have designed your Wildtracks campervan to be your home from home but heavy use appliances, for example kettles and hairdryers, will drain the leisure battery. Keep an eye on the amount of time you’re using these and where possible, use when plugged into a mains hook up or can utilise the solar panel, if you have chosen that option. 

Book your first night in advance 

Get your camping trip off to the best start by knowing where your first night will be spent. Nothing kills the excitement of getting away than aimlessly driving around looking for a campsite, particularly during the school holidays. After that, we enjoy nothing more than planning a route for the day over a coffee. After all, your Wildtracks campervan is for exploring the road less travelled. 

Pack a sense of humour 

Even with the above nine tips, there is nothing that can’t be solved with a good sense of humour. 

March 26, 2021 | Wildtracks