Meet the Team

Dave Evans

Owner & Founder 

I founded Wildtracks Campervans with a lifestyle in mind. London sucked me in and after ten years of working the weeks in the city but with the van packed and ready to escape every Friday night, it was time to move West. As with my whole team, the outdoors fuels me, my lifestyle and my hobbies and a campervan takes you to all these places. As attested to by our loyal customers, most of whom find us through word-of-mouth recommendations, there really is no better feeling than being on the open road.

Rich Rock-Evans

Rich Rock-Evans 

Head Technician 

From a young age I knew that the great outdoors and the lifestyle that comes with it was for me. From degrees and careers in engineering and carpentry, it’s safe to say I’ve certainly honed my skills since the days of building my first go-cart as a boy. Now a dad, it’s not just my family that is growing but the size of van needed for kit, two adults, two small children and the dog. My passion for designing the perfect campervan continues long after the workshop closes, ensuring my own campervan is capable of taking everything life throws at it.

Pete Daly


As far as I can remember I’ve had a worrying fascination with all things car related. Growing up in Ireland with its huge rally scene really got me interested in motorsport. This meant whenever there was a rally on, my dad and uncle would pack up the camper and tent and off we went. This was my first experience of van life and I’ve loved it ever since. For my 16th birthday I was gifted a MK2 Golf, this got me into the Volkswagen hype, so it’s a pleasure to be working on these beautiful campers now. Not only are they the coolest bus around, but I know each journey will bring a new adventure for the owner.

Sam White


From skydiving in New Zealand, to paragliding in Chile, and rappelling down waterfalls in Vietnam, I’ve always loved the outdoors. This has translated into a joy of camping too, meaning my newfound passion for converting campervans comes as no surprise. With previous trips of canoeing deep in northern Canada and wild-camping along the Croatian coastline, my next adventure will be taking a van of my own to complete the Mongol Rally.


Biscuit Crumb Controller 

They’ve tried to teach me about the inner workings of campervan converting but I keep getting distracted by biscuits and belly rubs. I have been asked to work on my customer service skills but personally, I see over-enthusiastically welcoming everyone to the workshop as crucial to my role as top dog.