Warranty cover

For piece of mind our vans come with a standard 24 month warranty provided by Engineeer Insurance & Aftercare. Click on the image below for a more detailed view of what is covered under our comprehensive cover.

  • For Motorhome drive sections you can use any specialist commercial garage, plus the nationwide Halford’s group
  • For UK breakdown cover, your engineers can come out to try to get you vehicle back on the road again. If they are unsuccessful, they will recover the vehicle to a local suitable garage and arrange onward travel for you and up to 6 passengers to either your home or your destination.
  • In the EU, you can go to the nearest commercial garage for a repair and just get on your way 
    • Theft repair – Get help towards the costs or re-securing your vehicle if there is a theft or attempted theft.
    • While you wait – Get help towards either a hire vehicle or overnight stay while you wait for you vehicle to be repaired
    • Emergency driver – If you cannot drive due to injury or illness, we will arrange for a driver to finish your journey or return you from where you left.
    • Time to go home? – If your vehicle isn’t repaired by the time you have to go home we will help towards suitable transport to get you home as well as help towards storage charges. We will then either bring the vehicle back to the UK or pay for you (one way) to go collect your vehicle.

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